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Acceptable Words & Meditation

Journal Entry // January 29, 2021

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14 ESV

These are two important markers for measuring the spiritual state of my walk with Christ and they deal with both the inner and outer world of my life. First, it is a call to review and monitor the words that I speak throughout the day as I deal with people and situations. The words I use are important. For with my words I can either build up or tear down. I can either bring a blessing or a curse. I can bring peace or a sword. My words and my attitude should always be glorifying to the Lord and exemplify his righteousness.

The second point is that I should be mindful of what my heart is focused on. These meditations are the thoughts that have captured me. The thoughts that I daydream about. These meditations are the things that most fascinate and drive me. They are what’s most important to me. Am I dwelling on sin and temptation? Am I thinking about God’s word, his character, and his goodness? This is the meditation of my heart. This is where the battle lies.

I know that the outworking and expression of these meditations reveal themselves in the words and attitude that I have during my interactions with people. When my heart is meditating on the things of God, I can more readily see the fruit of the Spirit being expressed and worked out. But when my meditations turn toward pride and selfishness, my words and actions follow shortly.

This is why David is so keen to have both his heart and his actions be acceptable. It’s never good enough to have just the outward appearance of righteousness. We need that inward heart meditating, Jesus focused, grace saturated time with the Lord. A continual deep and pervasive relationship with God. I need to be cultivating my heart and mind at all times and in a myriad of ways. This will bring delight to my soul. A deep delight in the presence of God. And as my meditations grow more firmly planted in the glory of Christ, my life interactions will naturally reflect the character and nature of God. He will work through me as he works in me.

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