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Abounding Grace

Journal Entry // June 28, 2022

Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, (ESV)

Romans 5:20

Grace abounded all the more… It seems so paradoxical to think that the giving of the law was brought in to reveal and expose sin, thus increasing our knowledge and understanding of sin. The law exposes the lies of sin and we can better see the reign of sin in our life. It seems so bleak to think about the severity and pervasiveness of sin in my life and in the world. It is everywhere and it appears overwhelming at times.

Grace abounded all the more… No matter the height of sin in my life, grace abounds. No matter the depth of sin in my life, grace abounds. In repentance and faith I can come to Jesus with all my fears and anxieties and sin and shame and guilt. He will forgive. He will cover over all my failure in his grace. There is no limit to his grace.

The grace of God is not contained and limited by the finiteness of the human mind or imagination. The riches of God’s grace are ever increasing. His grace and mercy continue to abound over sin. Sin will never outpace the grace of God. God’s grace will abound all the more.

This is the good news for my life. My life belongs to Christ. My heart is filled with the Spirit of Christ. Sin may harass me; Sin may even deceive me and capture me for a time. Yet God’s grace is always there in abundance for the humble and repentant. I can come to Jesus at every moment and receive his grace and mercy and love. I can draw from the wellspring of life that never runs dry. I can humbly turn to him in repentance 70 times 7 times… As many times as I need. As many times as is necessary.

Jesus loves me. His Spirit dwells within me. I am in Christ and he is in me. This is grace abounding in my heart and life. This is my beautiful Savior and my God.

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