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Heart Location

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21 (ESV)

“Where is your treasure being stored?” This is the key question that Jesus is asking in this passage as he encourages us to examine our hearts and understand the true state of our desires and affections. The gauge of our heart is a matter of evaluating the location of our treasure. Is our treasure located here on the earth or are we storing up for ourselves a treasure in heaven where Jesus is located? The answer to this question answers the bigger question of the status of our hearts. The answer to this question reveals what is at the center of our lives. Our hearts will be located in the same place as our treasure and our hearts will be attuned to spending as much time and energy as needed to enjoy the treasure.  

I sometimes think that my heart is the driving force behind where I am storing my treasure. This is probably true to some degree, but in actuality, Jesus is leading me to understand that it is essential to focus on where I am storing up treasure. It is important because wherever that treasure is being stored, I will find my heart. I want to think that if I just get my heart right then I will store treasure up in heaven as I should. Jesus seems to be telling me that as I go about my daily practice of storing treasure up in heaven, I will there find my heart alongside.  

I think the mistake I can make in this area is that I want to separate the two ideas. I either focus on my heart and the spiritualness of seeking Christ with my heart, which means I want to make it all internal. I also focus at times on the outward acts of obedience and faithfulness. Doing those deeds of mercy and love as a means to prove my piety. There really should be no division at all between my treasure and my heart. As my heart is focused on heaven, I will store up my treasure there. As I am storing up treasure in heaven, my heart will be engaged with spiritual things.  

Really, I just have a faulty understanding of what is the treasure itself. I lose sight of the simpleness of knowing that Jesus is the treasure. It’s not the good works or the spiritual acts or even the fruit of the spirit that is the treasure. Jesus is the treasure. This is the fact that needs to be the center of my thinking and actions. Every thought, every action, every breath needs to be captivated by the glory of Jesus and his wonderful grace. He is my treasure. He is my only treasure and this is where I want my heart to be found. So, I once again come back to the simplicity of the gospel and my need for humility to embrace the love of Christ with my undivided focus.

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