Trust and Obey

As we were singing this hymn during worship a few Sundays ago, I was moved in my heart by these words of trusting and obeying. It seems so simple and logical. It’s the simplicity of the message that is so attractive. Jesus doesn’t call us to do unimaginable acts of service to prove our love and devotion to God. He calls us to a life of simple, humble trust and obedience. This is our demonstration of love. Our act of obedience. So simple, yet we fail so often. Read through these verses and think through the call of faith in your own life. Let these words rouse your spirit and affections toward Christ. Then sing along with the video below and renew your passion for trusting and obeying Christ alone.

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It Is Well With My Soul

In 1873, Horatio Spafford’s wife and four daughters were on a boat trip travelling from the United States to Europe. The ship they were on collided with another ship and went down. His wife survived but all four of his daughters died in the wreckage. Spafford left soon afterward on a different boat taking the same long journey across the ocean to reunite with his wife. As he traversed the same route that his family had taken previously, I am sure thoughts of his daughters weighed heavy upon his heart and mind. This is the song he wrote on that trip. As you read through these verses, try to picture yourself in his place. Better yet, as you read through these verses, think through a hardship or tragedy that you have been through in your life. Let these words of Horatio speak to your heart and reveal the love and compassion of our Savior.

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