Godly Contentment

But godliness with contentment is great gain, [7] for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.

1 Timothy 6:6-7 ESV

Godly contentment. I have found it difficult this week to have godly contentment in my life. I have been assaulted with so many different thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are weighing me down. Although this weight is in my mind I can feel it affecting every area of my life. My heart, mind, soul, and strength have all been greatly affected by this continual wave of fear and guilt. So once again, God’s word speaks directly into my immediate need of the moment.

I say godly contentment, but the verse really keeps these two ideas separate and distinct. The base of what Paul is encouraging Timothy with is godliness. This is the foundational strength of living in this world. The opposite of godliness that Paul has most finished taking about was a person who wanted to use their godliness as a means of gain. This surely meant that they were focused on financial gain through their godliness, but there was also an aspect of reputation and pride. I feel this myself. I feel the need to be puffed up in my godliness. There is a prideful element of sharing the knowledge that God gifts to me in his word, where I want and need others to see how much God has blessed me. To give me praise and adulation over above Christ. Where I want to teach out lead or even share it of the good things of God’s rich blessing on my life, but I want the applause and the game. This Park says it’s conceit and a puffing up of pride. Yearning to have more of everything from the world around.

But Paul encourages me to set that aside and go after contentment in my godliness. The Lord has placed me in this moment of time at this place in the world with these gifts and blessings he has determined. I have gained so much through Christ. This is where contentment lies. Contentment rests in the finished work of Christ and the joy I have of sharing in that. My contentment rests in the heavenly realm and not in this world. This world brings heartache and pain, yet I keep turning aside to gaze at it’s shiny objects. The world keeps distracting me with offers of temporary gain and pleasure. And I fall for it every time. My heart falls me so often. I wander off this godly path and into the dark and dangerous wood of the world. I want, want, want what the world has to offer.

All the time I understand that the world is temporary. That all of this is but a shadow of the heavenly touches and joy that lie before me in Christ. So in my godliness I can be content. I can be content with where God has placed me and how he chooses to use me. I can do this, because God has chosen me specifically to live this life. My past, my present, my future. They all spring forth from the loving hand of my Father. My Father who cares for me, who guides me, who works each and every experience all for his glory. All to make me more like Christ each and every day. Am I content to walk the path God has laid before me? I want to be. I want to be content in every situation. Content to see Jesus magnified through my life even if it means that I diminish in the eye of the world. For I hope that the world diminishes itself from my eyes and my gaze stays transfixed on my Savior.

Journal Entry // October 12, 2021

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