Righteous Humility

Journal Entry // December 21, 2021

Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the LORD.

Zephaniah 2:3 ESV

Seek the Lord… How? Through righteousness and humility. The path to the Lord is one of righteous humility. And who is it that are called to seek the Lord? The humble and obedient. They are to continue on as they are doing by digging deeper into righteous humility. Are you humbled? Keep seeking humility. Are you obedient? Keep seeking righteousness. The encouragement is to not become complacent. The work of faith continues moving forward toward the Lord. Keep seeking the Lord.

I find this passage challenging to think on and reflect. I want righteousness and humility to be end points or a destination that I can reach. Not simply because at those endpoints I will ultimately see the Lord. No, I want them to be a destination because my heart wants to stop seeking righteousness and humility. My heart remembers the path of righteous obedience filled with lessons of being humbled and it wants to pull back. It knows the struggle of battling my flesh and the world. It knows that the struggle does not get easier as I keep moving forward in faith.

My soul needs this refresher in purpose. I need constant reminders of why I am called to seek righteousness and humility. I need to continually realign my wandering eyes and have them set upon Christ as I continue to seek the Lord. The enemy is relentless in the pursuit of destroying my faith. I need this encouragement to keep pressing forward.

I once again forget that the journey of faith is just as important as the destination. I don’t have to wait until the end to experience life with Christ. I can seek him now and know him and be known by him. In righteous humility I will find him. So I keep on seeking righteous obedience in humility. I cast off my pride and arrogance. I cast off my self-righteousness. I simply come to Jesus with my humble heart ready to serve. He is gentle and loving. He will care for my each and every need. He will bring about this righteous humility in my life as he draws me near. In his nearness I will find comfort and rest from all my worries and anxiety.

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