Good & Evil Treasure

Journal Entry // March 13, 2022

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Luke 6:45 ESV

What is the barometer that we can use to measure the state of our heart? Surely it is from this statement that Jesus wants to warn and inform us about the type of treasure being stored in our heart. It is from this treasure within our heart that produces the visible fruit of words and actions that the world sees. Our measuring rod to indicate the status of our heart is simply our words and actions that flow out of the abundance in our heart.

The issue stemming from this is that I am truly good at lying and deceiving myself and others. I have learned through the years the proper answers and the proper actions that will seemingly demonstrate that the inner treasure in my heart is good and not evil. I am so adept at creating this mask of goodness and fidelity and it is so effective in its replication of true spirituality, that I myself even begin to believe the lie. I believe the lie so much that I don’t even realize I am lying! I am so convincing that I fool myself into believing that the wickedness coming forth from me is in some way not the reality of my heart. I believe the lie that my wickedness being expressed can come from a heart full of goodness.

To be sure, there is a level of sin that will come from even the best of hearts with an abundance of good treasure being stored. I am talking about this deep rooted sin that not only has captured me and enslaved me, but is the craving inside my heart. This craving is the source of my guilt and shame that I feel I must hide. This sin is the destroyer of my mask of fidelity and goodness and therefore, I feel as though I must hide it at all cost. I am too weak or too attached to this sin to really bring it before the Lord and I am definitely too weak and ashamed to reveal it to anyone. It is this secrecy that gives it strength and power in my life.

But this good treasure in my heart wants and needs to produce good. So it wars against the sin and shame and guilt and hiding. It is working to bring this sin into the light. To bring it to the surface in my words and actions so that I cannot ignore it and others will readily see through my mask of hypocrisy.  Praise the Lord this is true. Praise the Lord this is what he has done and continues to do in my heart even at this moment. The good treasure that Jesus has placed in my heart is bubbling up continually and challenging me. Encouraging me to fight this sin. To not resign myself to failure.

The beauty of all of this is that good treasure begets good treasure. The more I embrace the good of Christ living within me, the more my heart is changed to be in alignment with him. The more I am in alignment with him, the more I will see this good fruit of action and words in my life. The more I keep struggling against the lies of the enemy speaking to my heart, the easier it is to hear the truth of God’s word. The enemy is whispering, but my Savior speaks clearly. The enemy speaks nothing but fear and dissention. My Savior speaks only of grace and mercy, which he has in abundance.

So I need to take a hard and truthful look at my words and actions each and every day. Taking an honest reflection of what is coming out of the abundance of my heart. I take this measurement in humility with repentance. To trust and believe the truth of God’s word speaking into my heart. To turn from my wickedness and embrace the goodness of Christ alone.

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