Full Joy

Journal Entry // April 30, 2022

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.

John 15:11 ESV

What are these things that Jesus has spoken of to me? It is the importance of abiding in his love by obeying his commandments just as he abides in the love of the Father an obeys his commandments. The key to abiding in Christ is simply obedience. I want to overcomplicate this and focus on other good things that are also important, but if I am to abide in the love of Christ there is only obedience. How important is this principle? Abiding in the love of Christ through obedience is the source of joy in my life. Abiding in the love of Christ is the pathway of His joy being in me and consequently my joy then being full. Not just a measure of joy, but the fullness of joy. Not just the fullness of any joy, but the fullness of joy in Christ!

This is what I need right this moment. It is so amazing how precise the Word of God is in my life as I seek to abide in the love of Christ. I have been struggling to read and really dig into the Bible this week. I have been praying and thinking more regularly, but my daily reading and reflecting on God’s Word has been less. Yet, when I come to his Word this weekend, I am in the exact place that I need to be to hear the message I need to hear. As I was praying and thinking yesterday, it mostly revolved around a lack of joy and happiness I feel in my life. I have been and still am displeased with where I am in life at the moment. I really struggle with contentment and patience. I am essentially struggling with humility. I want more than the current allotment that the Lord has given to me.

This verse calls out to me to focus on just one thing… Abiding in the love of Christ. That’s the single most important element that needs my full attention. This is the wellspring of joy that will bring fullness to my life. Not these temporary worldly desires. They are just a distraction from the one true source of joy in this life. Abiding in the love of Christ is my one and only joy. Obedience and faithfulness. Humility and dependence. I need Christ alone in me. I want the fullness of joy in Christ. I don’t want to settle for anything less.

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