Abide Together

Journal Entry // April 28, 2021

Abide in me, and I in you.

John 15:4 ESV

“Abide in me” and “Abide in my love” is clearly the primary theme of this chapter in John where Jesus gives us the great picture of our relationship as a vine and branches. I am interested in his teaching about the indwelling of God with the believer. I tend to really only think about this as a one-way abiding. That the Spirit comes to dwell in my heart and my life is changed as a result. But Jesus clearly teaches that not only does God come and dwell within me, but I too am to come and dwell or abide in him.

It’s an interesting word, abide. Not something we use a lot in our language today. It has a similar meaning here as to what I journaled about yesterday, namely that of dwelling, sojourn, make home. So just as much as the Lord comes to make his home in my heart, I too am to make my home in him. I am to come and reside with him.

There is a sense in which the Lord and I are living together in the same space. I think the sojourn picture is helpful as it communicates the story that this life is one of movement toward home in a foreign and typically hostile land. That my journey is one that leads me through many dangers toils and snares, but the Lord is with me. We are sojourning together.

The outworking of my abiding in Christ, is love. Love demonstrated and rooted in obedience. Just as Christ was obedient to the Father through faithful obedience, I too abide through obedience. There should be a love and desire to spend time in God’s word. I should be longing for relational moments with Christ as I encounter him in the Bible, in life, and through relationships. And this abiding will produce within me, love. Love for God and love for his creation. That I will love God and love people.

True change will only come as I spend intentional meaningful time with Lord. Dwelling with him, sojourning with him, loving him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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