Law & Relationships pt.2

Men’s Small Group // October 11, 2021

This is a lesson I prepared for a men’s small group working through the Sermon on the Mount and is based on the book The Sermon on the Mount: The Message of the Kingdom by R Kent Hughes.

Matthew 5:31-37

Review of Last Week

  • We are in the middle of a six part interpretation of the law by Jesus, where he is explaining how Righteousness Works in Daily Life.
  • We need to remember that this Righteousness Jesus is talking about centers on  Relationships. The commandment always promotes the righteous opposite.
    • Not Murder –> Reconciliation
    • Not Adultery –> Purity and Integrity
  • This theme is carried on in todays section.

Adultery of the Heart – Part 2

  • First thing to notice is that Jesus has not changed the subject. He is continuing to talk about Adultery.
  • Our focus this morning is not going to be on the details of divorce. Jesus gives a more detailed explanation this in Matthew 19.
  • I want us to look at how we get to this point. I want us to see how all of this builds on itself.
    • Instead of Reconciliation –> We get Angry and commit murder in our hearts — often times with our spouse.
    • Instead of Purity & Integrity –> We lust after other women and imagine a life where our spouse is not involved and everything revolves around ourselves.
    • We are then setting the stage for not only the possibility of divorce, but potentially seeking ways to bring it about.
  • What are the ways we can commit adultery?
    • Overtly, by physical intimacy with another.
    • Inwardly, by lusting after another by heart intimacy.
    • To leave and marry another out of preference (fulfilling lust).
  • This leads us into the next section about Radical Truthfulness

Radical Truthfulness

  • Jesus is not telling us here that we should never take a vow. His focus is on our propensity to break our vows and swear falsely.
    • What was happening at this time was that people knew they could/should not break a vow sworn to God, so they swore to other things for the sole reason of not having to keep their word.
  •  The Righteous do not need a vow.
    • “Whenever I utter the formula ‘I swear to God,’ I am really saying, ‘Now I’m going to mark off an area of absolute truth and put walls around it to cut it off from the muddy floods of untruthfulness and irresponsibility that ordinarily overruns my speech.’ In fact, I am saying even more than this. I am saying that people are expecting me to lie from the start. And just because they are counting on my lying I have to bring up these big guns of oaths and words of honor.” Quote from Helmut Thielicke on page 127
  • We live in a world of deception.
    • From advertising, to politics, to scams designed to steal. This world is full of lies and half-truths. And we all participate at times.
    • We are called to be radical and to be radical, we are to be true to our word. We are to be men of integrity. If you want to be counter-cultural, this is a great place to make an impact on those around you.
  • We should let our “Yes” be “Yes” and our “No” be “No”.
    • No grayness, no deception, no excuse.
    • “When people know that you do not lie, your testimony will have more effect than all the theology you could ram at them. What a difference a truthful life can make!

Story of David

  • Saw Bathsheba bathing and lust was aroused then consumated.
  • Devised the murder of her husband to cover it up.
  • God sent the Prophet Nathan to rebuke him.
  • David repented and God forgave, but there were consequences.
  • Read Psalm 51 – A song to David’s repentance.


  • How are you with Radical Truthfulness in your life?
    • Are you known as a man that follows through on his promises?
    • Are you full open and honest with your yourself before the Lord?
  • How do you see lust infiltrating your life?
    • How can Radical Truthfulness help you engage your heart in this battle?
  • How can these man at the table pray for your heart?

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