Confident Reward

Journal Entry // November 6, 2021

Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.

Hebrews 10:35 ESV

Remember, remember… All the great and wonderful ways the Lord has not only blessed me, but rescued me, and sustained me. After reminding his readers that they have joyfully watched as their possessions were taken from them, endured hard struggles and suffering, having been publicly exposed to shame and ridicule – the writer tells them the result of all these things, which is the building up of their confidence. A confidence not in themselves but in the Lord, which is of immense eternal value.

It is such a simple thing to toss away my confidence in the Lord. Looking back over there last 30 years of faith being established in my heart, I can see and remember all the precious ways God has kept his steadfast love upon me. I can remember all the suffering and adversity and trials and struggles. I remember being publicly exposed to reproach. I remember having everything taken away from me. I remember all these hardships with ease. What I lose sight of is my confidence.

What was God doing in my life through all the struggles and trials? He was building my confidence in him. He was/is teaching me to be confident in the Creator of the universe and to depend upon him alone. To do away with my own self-confidence and self-righteousness. To trust in him for everything. But this confidence is a fragile thing when sin takes root in my heart. My confidence in Christ can be shaken and I can easily throw it all away.

It’s interesting that the phrase used is that I should not throw my confidence away. I would have thought the phrase would be, “do not lose your confidence.” As if my confidence in Christ is something that he would take away from me, which is false. No, the writer is encouraging me to not throw it away… Willingly doing away with my confidence in the Lord.

What is called for at these times of hardships is endurance. The very thing that confidence in the Lord should bring to the table is endurance. How can I endure this time of adversity and struggle? I remember God’s faithfulness in the past. I remember how he loves me. I remember those markers in my life where God sustained me. I remember how God rescued me from a path leading to death and destruction. A path where I was in the process of throwing away my confidence.

My confidence reminds me to keep my eyes focused on Christ who is seated in heaven. This is my focus. This is my purpose. This world is not my friend. This world seeks only to harm me. My journey through this world will be a struggle. Each and every day will be filled with trials and adversity, but my God is steadfast and true and merciful. He is walking this path with me. He is right here with me. This is my confidence – that Jesus loves me and is with me and will never leave me nor forsake me. So with endurance, I can walk this path with confidence in my one true friend and savior who loves me.

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