Moment and Lifetime

Journal Entry // February 6, 2021

For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

Psalm 30:5 ESV

God’s love for me consists of both his favor and his anger. His anger is over soon in my life as it is but for a moment. His determination to see sin eradicated from my heart is the purpose of his anger. As a loving Father he knows that the sin in my heart, especially the sin that is hidden deep within my heart, is a barrier to my growth in holiness and hinders the closer intimate fellowship he shares with me through Christ. So he purposes to rid me of sin in my heart. His anger is aroused and stays but a moment.

Yet his favor is for a lifetime. This support and approval of me is not momentary like his anger, but for my lifetime. He is always showing me his favor each and every moment of life. Even when his anger is being shown, it is always done with his favor toward me in mind. His kindness towards me is unmatched and unending. It is good to remember the faithfulness of my Lord in the midst of both joy and adversity. He is the same loving God. His favor is for my lifetime and will not be broken.

There will be weeping and sadness and trials and adversity. There will be moments of brokenness and humbling. These are not signs that life is falling apart. Quite the contrary. These are signs that the Lord is actively working in my heart. He is bringing trials and struggles to bear in my life for a purpose. To reveal the depth of sin in my heart. To awaken my soul to the pride and arrogance of my heart. To draw me closer to himself. Yes, there will be weeping and sadness. There should be mourning over sin in my life, but this mourning is only momentary. For Jesus has paid the price of my sin and rebellion. Jesus has taken upon himself the penalty for my disobedience. He has taken it all to the cross.

So I can come to Christ for forgiveness and mercy. His grace covers me completely and renews my heart. Drawing me close and dwelling within my heart. Just as the night gives way to the brightness of the morning light, so too does my weeping give way to joy. When it seems most dark and troubling in my life, I can be assured that God has not left me. Quite the contrary in that he rides the storm with me. Just as Jesus was asleep on the cushion of the boat during a storm at sea with the disciples, so too is he with me during my storm. And I can take comfort that he is asleep on the cushion. He is unconcerned with the storm. He knows the purpose of the storm. So too can I ride the storm in faith. Knowing with all confidence that Jesus is there with me. The storm is but for a moment and the morning will break and clear away all the trouble in due time.

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