Sure Fulfillment

Journal Entry // December 18, 2021

For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end-it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

Habakkuk 2:3 ESV

Patience… Perseverance.. Steadfastness… These are the character traits that the Lord continues to press into my life at the moment. It seems as though every day I am having to learn this same lesson over and over again. I am learning to be patient as I learn about being patient.

I am interested in seeing that Habakkuk set down his questions for the Lord as complaints. As Habakkuk looked around he saw injustice flourishing and the wickedness of man growing. It looked for all intents and purposes as though the Lord was silent and failing in his promises to his people. Habakkuk was impatient to see the Lord fulfill his promise to make all things right. The prophet was tired of seeing sin every increasing and wickedness seemingly in control.

What is God’s response? Patience. There is no doubt that the promise will be fulfilled as it is bound to the Lord who cannot lie. The promised fulfillment is moving along just as planned until its appointed time. This is they key to patience. The fulfillment is already set and confirmed, we must only let time catch up. So there’s no need to worry or fret because the end is confirmed.

This waiting is the difficult part in life. Especially in our modern life. Modern life is designed around efficiency and technology. We are accustomed to moving quickly. I get caught up in this as well. I see the destination and understand the importance and long for it. I forget that the journey to the destination is just as important.

This is true for that ultimate destination of reaching heaven, but it is just as true for the milestones of life change. I read about Moses who had to wait 40 years. I read about David who was announced king, but had to wait many years while Saul (the current king) threatened to kill him. I read about Joseph enduring family betrayal, slavery, and imprisonment before ascending to his role in Egypt. For these men the destination was truly important in the history of the world, but the destination was reached because they endured the journey.

Not just endure. Sometimes I am to just endure, but the journey is important and I need to be drawing closer to Christ each and every moment in the journey. I am learning about myself, about Christ, and faith. Patience in the journey leading to a humble confidence in the Lord. He is my reward and the final destination.

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