His Name is Near

Journal Entry // March 13, 2021

We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds.

Psalm 75:1 ESV

On the anniversary of one of the low points of my life, this verse is exactly the medicine I need to reflect upon this morning. The enemy would have me contemplate the guilt and shame that culminated in this day a year ago. The enemy would have this day as a reminder of how weak and frail and sinful I truly am. He would not be wrong. But the lie that the enemy brings in this day is that I am done and finished. That I will never recover what was lost. That I am in a pit of despair without hope of being lifted out.

But my Lord tells me to give thanks for his name is near. This is the truth of the matter. This week will continually be a day of remembrance for me for this is the day that my Savior rescued me. February 6th will always be the day Jesus came into my life and called me to follow him. The day when I knelt before my Savior and gave myself to follow him. The day I committed to the path Christ set before me. But today, March 13th. This is the day that Christ lifted me up from the stormy sea as I cried it to him for rescue. The day that he plucked me from the sinful path that was leading to destruction. The day he opened my eyes and showed me the depth of wickedness that was driving my heart.

This day is a day of celebration. This is the day where Christ answered my prayers. One year ago today, the Lord brought correction and rebuke into my life and plucked me out of the raging sea and into the safety of his boat. Of course that boat is still on the raging sea, but I am on his boat in his presence! So he is near. This past year he has taught me what it means to draw near to him. He has taught me what it costs to fight sin. He continues to teach me that the darkness in my heart is only dispelled by the light of the gospel. That I need to continually bring his light and let it illuminate my heart. I do this through his word – reading, reflecting, repenting. I do this by being honest with myself and with God about sin. I must humble myself continually before him.

And I recount his wondrous deeds. I do this with others, but I also do this with myself. So March 13 is one of those Ebenezer rocks. A rock of remembrance. A rock that calls me to give thanksgiving and praise to my wonderful Savior. My loving heavenly Father. My glorious righteous holy Lord god Almighty.

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