The Hidden Known

Journal Entry // March 22, 2021

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.

Luke 12:2 ESV

Secret sin is really not so secret after all. It’s the lie we believe each and every day. We are so temporal minded and solely focused on this present life. We are so easily caught up in this world and all it has to offer. We hear the siren call to live for today for tomorrow may never come. But tomorrow will come. And on that day the Lord will reveal the inward heart of each and every person. I will stand before the Lord and be accountable for every word, action, and deed. There is nothing hidden that will not be known. I will stand fully exposed before the face of God.

Sin calls to me and entices me with the offer of anonymity. With the seduction that it’s not harming anyone. This is the lie most easily believed because I want it to be true. I want to live in a manner that gives me the most pleasure without any consequences. But this cannot be. There are always consequences and sin always hurts those around me and my relationship with Christ.

Selfish and prideful. This is the mantra of my heart unchecked. I must continually bring the light of God’s word into my heart. I must preach the gospel to myself at every moment. For only in the light will darkness recede. At the sound of God’s word the enemy flees.

Praise the Lord that I can be open and honest with him even now. I can bring to him every wicked thought and desire. He will forgive. He will heal. He will cleanse. My loving Father will draw me closer into his everlasting love. He will bring comfort and peace to this weary pilgrim.

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