Fear and Trust

Journal Entry // April 13, 2021

You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD! He is their help and their shield.

Psalm 115:11 ESV

In connection to Psalm 110, this verse takes the next step from the fear of the Lord and moves us into trust. Why is it that the Psalmist feels the need to add this challenge to those who already fear the Lord? To rightly fear the Lord, we must trust. We must move toward the Lord. This is what trust involves.

Why is it that trusting the Lord is such a challenge. There is this daily incessant tug at my heart to not trust the Lord. And in the weakness of my flesh and mind and heart it is easy to turn away from the Lord. It is far too easy to drift. Drift along the stream of pride and let it’s gentle flow lull me into inaction and drowsiness.

Some people struggle with activity drowning out the voice of the Lord, but for me it is inactivity. I want and crave and desire to be listless. To be numb to the pain of trial and adversity. I want to answer the call of rest. This is my lack of trust. I just take it in a different direction. Instead of exerting control outwardly, I exert control inwardly in my mind. There is an ease with which I can transport myself into a mental world where I am in complete control and everything obeys my every thought and desire. A place where I am God.

When stress is high or I need to escape the pain of trials, adversity, and suffering, this is when I am most tempted to retreat inwardly. To drift toward inactivity and live inside my head. No drugs, no alcohol, nothing to distract. Just me alone.

So I need this encouragement to trust the Lord. To not give in to escapism, but to engage with Christ in the difficulties and challenges of life. I need to fear and trust the one who loves me. The one saves me. The one who rescues me. The one who is trustworthy…

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