Like a Child

Journal Entry // March 30, 2022

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

Luke 18:17 ESV

Faith like a little child is such an amazing picture to contemplate. A little child believes the truth without hesitation or question. A little child will readily believe and adhere to the words of his father and mother. A little child looks at his father with complete adoration and desires to emulate him. A little child trusts completely and without doubt that his parents love him and that they will provide for him and protect him. A little child knows that he can rest securely in life under the watchful presence of his parents. This is what Jesus is calling me to understand and live. He is calling me to a whole-hearted, unwavering faith in the sovereign God of the universe.

The world and my enemy is perpetually working to sow seeds of doubt into my heart and mind with the purpose of driving me away from faithfulness and into rebellion. The enemy is pressing into my heart with whispers of pride, arrogance, envy, self-righteousness, covetousness, revenge, jealousy and many other thoughts that press me to assert “my rights.” The world teaches me that independence is the sign of maturity. That self-sufficiency is the mark of adulthood. That the only person I can count on is me. The enemy encourages me to isolate and hide. The enemy desires for me to build walls around my heart. All of this wrapped up in the guise of being wise.

God’s word tells me that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord and Jesus reiterates this by calling me to live a life of faith as a little child. Truly I am a little child and the Lord is my perfect Father. It’s the paradox of faith that I can be a little child and yet mature in my faith. More than that… as I mature in my faith, I become more and more like a little child! The more mature I am in the faith, the better I understand my weakness. I better understand that my heart and mind are corrupt and continually seek after pleasure and unrighteousness. Maturity is knowing that my heart is deceptive. So the mature believer will humble himself. The mature believer will cry out to the Lord in humility and repentance.

So the walk of faith is not exactly what I would translate from my experience in the world. As I mature in the faith and grow in understanding and wisdom, I must at the same time keep this childlike wonder and amazement of seeing and knowing the Lord. My knowledge and wisdom is not what makes me fit for the kingdom. These are good and precious gifts that the Lord bestows. God is faithful and wants me to mature and develop into a man of strong faith and character, but he doesn’t want me to discard my childlike innocence and dependence. As I mature in my understanding of who God is, I must continually gaze at my Father in utter amazement. This amazement and wonder leading me to worship and praise my Father. This is child like faith. Sitting at the feet of Jesus and enjoying his presence. Knowing that I am safe and secure no matter the circumstances of life.

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