Eyes Lifted Up

Journal Entry // April 18, 2021

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?

Psalm 121:1 ESV

I like this picture that the Psalmist paints of eager anticipation for rescue. As I contemplate this image I remember those days of utter despair filled with anxiety and worry. My heart cry was similar after a fashion in that I too longed for rescue from the trial upon me.

The weight of worry, anxiety, adversity, trials, and struggles is enough to make one bow their head in exhaustion. It’s a picture of the burden of sin and guilt being placed on your shoulders and the stoop that occurs from the weight. In this struggle, your head is bowed and you can only see the immediate path in front of you. It is too painful to spend much time looking ahead. There is only room for focusing on the immediate circumstances.

But in this despair, the Psalmist lifts up his eyes to the hills. There is this eager expectation of being rescued and salvation coming from a higher ground. Seeing nothing, his despair is strengthened and he resigns to state his plea… Where will my help come from? He is talking to his soul. Speaking the question that rumbles deep within himself. The question that are weight to the burden. The question that hurts like a knife being twisted in the wound. That constant companion to pain and despair.

Yet the Psalmist does the thing that is needed. He answers this question with the truth of the gospel. He speaks the promises of God to himself and reminds his soul that his trust is in the Lord. The Lord himself will rescue him. He is not alone and he is not confined to bear this burden for eternity. No, the Lord is his help and his rescuer. The one who made heaven and earth is the same one who is walking beside you in the path of pain. There is no need to lift your eyes to the hill for rescue for your rescuer is at your side.

The pain and the struggle is there for your good. It is there to draw you closer to the Lord himself. To show you that you are not alone in the darkness. That your friend, your Savior is there beside you. He is walking the path of adversity with you. And he is strong and able! In your weakness, cling to him. Look to him. Focus your eyes on the One before you. Lift your eyes to Jesus and fear not, he is with you.

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