Fearless Faith

Journal Entry // April 14, 2022

But Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “Let us go up at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it.”

Numbers 13:30 ESV

Fearless faith… This is the type of faith that Caleb displays in this moment. After spending 40 days with these men on a mission to spy out the promised land, I’m sure there were many discussions about the report they were to give. Caleb was surely not caught off-guard by the report of the other spies that was filled with fear and dread. It took a tremendous amount of faith to not only bring a different report, but to quiet the people in the midst of the report and give his objection and encouragement to go take the land at once. I find that so interesting and encouraging. Caleb understood that this was the land of God’s promise to them. It doesn’t really matter who is occupying it. So, let’s stop waiting around and discussing the matter. Let’s go up NOW.

I am afraid that I am much less like Caleb and much more like the rest of the spies. I am easily intimidated and too quick to be cynical or critical in my analysis. I easily see the negativity and quickly give way to the questions that arise from fear and timidity. I simply lack the faith and trust in the loving kindness and provision of the Lord in my life most of the time. I lack the zeal and confidence in Christ that Caleb displays here.

I don’t feel this is 100% of the time in my life, but it is enough to where I am a bit concerned. I tend to shy away from stepping out in faith at times when the odds seem overwhelming or the effort involved requires more than I want to give. I think this probably has more to do with my feeling of helplessness. I get so comfortable with my current state of being in life. Life becomes routine and safe. Even though I may not enjoy or be excited about this routine life, it is familiar and has become comfortable. In my comfort, I am slow to change.

This is similar to the mindset of the spies. Sure, there was a good land that was flowing with an abundance of good things that was promised to them, but it was going to be difficult. They would have to conquer these people and take the land. They would have to spend years fighting and struggling to acquire this promise from the Lord. It was not going to simply be given to them without any effort expended. I am quick to fall prey to setting for the simple and easier in place of the hard and difficult. No matter the advantages and necessity of the difficult, I will tend to settle into the comfortable and familiar.

I want to be more like Caleb here. I want to be clear on my calling and mission from the Lord and then do everything within my power to move toward this calling. I want to give all my life to the calling of God. Sometimes that does mean being patient and waiting on the Lord to bring the right timing and situation. Sometimes it does mean periods of seemingly no progress. But there is always progress in pursuing the will of Christ. Even in the times of life where it seems like I’m stuck in neutral, there is always an abundance of activity inwardly. The preparation to move me physically always begins with inward trials and struggles. So in this period of “inactivity” with visible progress, I can work hard with Christ on my heart, soul, mind, and strength. He is preparing me even now for future change. This period of humbleness is important to developing my character, my trust, and my faith. So like Caleb, I will keep my eyes focused on where God is leading me. I will keep working hard to be humble and repentant. Always trusting in the good and perfect will of God for me.

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