Word Sanctified

Journal Entry // April 30, 2021

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

John 17:17 ESV

Sanctify… Purify, free from sin, set apart. Just as Jesus himself was sanctified, he prays to the Father that all those that were given to him may be sanctified as well. That his followers may walk in this world just as he did. Learning obedience through suffering. Having the Father and the Son dwell within their hearts. Driving out sin and conforming our hearts and souls to steadfastly love the Creator.

I must be about the business of sanctification in my life. It cannot be a hobby, habit, or exercise that is a piece of my life no matter how well intentioned or even consistent. The business of sanctification is not just that it is a part of me but it is who I am in my soul. All of my life needs a burning focus on seeing my heart, mind, and soul completely set toward obedience to Christ.

Lately in my reading and meditating there has been a continual reminder that I am not alone in the sojourning through the world. Physically, the Lord has given me a wife to be my partner to share life and encourage each other in this walk. Spiritually, the Spirit dwells within me. The Father makes his home in my heart. Jesus is in me and I am in him. And all of this is to sanctify my heart and soul. To purify me.

I am sanctified in the truth. The truth of God’s holy word. This is the key to my journey through this world. I have a personal relationship with the Father through Jesus in the Spirit. I rightly connect with them through his word. In the past I thought I could connect with God through prayer, even prayer referencing the Bible. But I learned that my heart over time could twist passages to fit my desires, even evil desires. I need to be satisfying myself in God’s word at all times. I need to read it, meditate and reflect upon it, study and understand it, pray through the truth of the message.

The foundation of my relationship is God’s word. It’s not a piece of the puzzle. It’s the central essence of sanctification and holiness. To know God deeply and intimately, I must live and breath God’s word. It must invaded every crevice of my heart, soul, and mind. Bringing change and sanctifying me before a holy God. This is Jesus prayer for me. That my every breath would take in the pleasant aroma of God’s word and that I would breathe out his love and mercy through my life.

Lord, sanctify my heart and soul. Make me obedient to your every word. May my heart and mind and soul be shaped by your truth. May I truly love you more and more each and every day.

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