Weakening Faith

Journal Entry // June 27, 2022

He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was as good as dead (since he was about a hundred years old), or when he considered the barrenness of Sarah’s womb. (ESV)

Romans 4:19

Abraham did not weaken in faith… When he considered the physical imitations of himself and his wife and weighed this against the promise of God that he would have offspring as numerous as the stars in the sky, it would be easy to doubt and to weaken his faith through doubt and worry. Having been familiar his whole life with the limitations of his human body and the natural processes of birth, along with the 90 years of barrenness that had preceded this promise, who would fault Abraham for a weakening of his faith. Yet, his faith did not weaken. Quite the opposite happened as he considered the weakness of his body and the ability of God to fulfill his promise. He gave glory to God and his faith was strengthened.

This is the key in the battle against doubt and a weakening of my faith. When I am in a dire situation or a situation that I want to change but it all seems impossible, where does my heart cast its hope? In hope do I believe against despair and call out to my God in hopeful expectation giving glory to God alone or do I despair and sink in the ineptitude of my own weakness and ability to change the situation. Abraham saw the weakness and the impossibility of his situation measured against the good promise. He was not ignorant or blind to his situation. He could readily and easily see that his body was old and way past the time for having children. He saw his human inability each and every day. This weakness that he continually saw  did not make him despair. No, it forged in his heart a deeper, stronger, firmer faith in the loving God of the universe. Abraham let his weakness and inability bring glory to God alone.

This needs to be true in my heart each and every day. I need this same faith of Abraham. I need not avoid my weakness or be ashamed of my inability or hide my failures. These are the very things that should point me to Christ and cause me to give glory to God. It is not my strength or my abilities that bring glory to Christ, but it is my weakness and my humility. It is a trusting heart that understands the impossibility of living this life for the purposes of God with only my own strength and understanding. The more I understand the things of God, the more I should realize my complete need for Jesus. The more I see Christ working through me, the more I should be humbled that he has chosen to work through me.

This then is what I continue to need and desire and pray for in my life… humility. This is everything at the moment for me. I need a humble heart that rejects any notion of pride. A humble heart that only seeks to love Jesus completely and to the utmost. To look around at my surroundings and not fear or despair, but to let it encourage me to give glory to God alone. To recognize that Jesus is all I need and Jesus is truly all I have in this world.

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