Reign of Sin

Journal Entry // June 30, 2022

Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions. (ESV)

Romans 6:12

I so often forget the truth of this passage. I allow sin to linger in my thoughts, in my mind, and eventually it takes root in my heart. Once it takes root and I stop battling and fighting for obedience and righteousness in my heart and soul, then sin is allowed to reign. Sin takes up residence and I begin to obey its passions. I begin to lose myself in the slavery of following after those sinful passions and I forget about the freedom I have in Christ. As sin reigns in my mortal body, it makes me obey its passions because I continue to allow it to thrive and flourish in the depths of my heart.

I forget that I am dead to sin and alive in Christ. Just as Christ died on the cross for my sins, so too have I died to sin in my life through his death. Sin has no power or hold over me any longer. It only has that power that I freely give to it every time I embrace its passions and honor its illegitimate reign in my life. Christ has broken the power of sin in my life. I have been set free from its passions and desires. I have been set free to righteousness and obedience. I have the living Spirit of Christ dwelling within me. I have the Son of God in heaven praying for me at all times. I have been given all that is necessary to put to death the deeds of the body and embrace the joyful life of obedience.

So why do I find this so difficult? Why is the allure of sin so strong at times? Why do I continue to deceive myself and believe the lies of the enemy? I know the commandments of God. I know the love of Christ for me. I know the great and powerful promises that the Lord has written down for me in his word. I have all this head knowledge, but my heart continues to falter. My mind continues to wander. My thoughts continue to betray me.

Repentance and faith… This is the message I need to continually speak to myself. Repentance and faith… Keep moving forward. Keep repenting… Keep turning in faith. Repentance is not a one-time event. It is a continual turning away from sin and toward my Savior. The battle is long and difficult. My Savior is steadfast and true. He is gentle and lowly. He is patient and kind. He loves me completely and thoroughly. I am not alone… I am not alone in this journey of faith. My Jesus dwells with me and is united with me. He has bound himself to me. I am not alone.

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