Foolish and Weak

Journal Entry // July 18, 2022

But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; (ESV)

1 Corinthians 1:27

As I am reflecting on this passage in Romans, I keep coming back to this verse and the implications it has on my thoughts about my goals and what I think I deserve in this life. The very reason God has chosen me is that I am foolish and weak in the eyes of the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean I am actually foolish or actually weak, but in the eyes of the world around me that is exactly what I am. My wisdom that comes from the Lord is as foolishness to this world. The humility and dependence that Jesus is teaching me is seen as nothing but weakness to the world. God chose to instill within me these qualities that are scoffed at by the world. He instills these qualities to shame those who claim to be wise and strong in the world… for the glory of God alone.

Knowing this, why then do I continue to seek out worldly wisdom and strength. Why do I seek out the wisdom of the world? Not just wisdom in general, but actual wisdom of this world. Meaning that I want the world to like me so much that I will compromise the spiritual truth of the Word to ensure that the world approves of what I am doing at times. The world wants me to conform and break down the spiritual truths of God’s wisdom and conform them to what the world values and upholds. In my pride and need for approval, I am often tempted to do this very thing. To take the truth of God’s Word and either misapply it to more readily conform to worldly standards or misapply it to become harsh and judgmental toward the world. Both ends of this pendulum produce the same result in my heart… pride.

I want to be wise and strong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this goal as long as it is motivated and pointed toward Christ. Where do I want wisdom to come from? The world or from Christ? If I want wisdom from Christ, I need the mind of Christ at work within me. I need the Spirit of God moving in my heart. I need to immerse myself in the Word of God and prayer. I need to seek humility and meekness. I need to put away those foolish thoughts of being liked or admired by the world. I need dependence upon Christ alone. I need to be foolish in the eyes of the world. I need to be considered weak by the world around me. For then I will know that the wisdom that comes only from God is at work in me. I will know that in my weakness, I find strength in Christ alone.

Father… Thank you for loving this foolish and weak man. I know that I am prone to wander away from the good commandments of the Lord and seek wisdom and strength from the world. Forgive me for setting my eyes on the world and letting it influence my heart and mind. Cleanse me of this desire to seek praise and safety and importance and strength from the world instead of you. It is in you alone that I will find these things. It is in you alone that there is wisdom, true wisdom. It is in you alone that there is strength, true strength. You love me. You care for me. You have chosen me. You are renewing me. You are making me more like Jesus each and every day. Shake loose the sins that cling so tight to me. Shake them loose and remove them far away from me. Bring the healing comfort of Jesus to soothe my fearful heart and bring the joy of hope to shine forth and give me strength.

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