Displeasing the Lord

Journal Entry // August 6, 2022

And when the mourning was over, David sent and brought her to his house, and she became his wife and bore him a son. But the thing that David had done displeased the LORD. (ESV)

2 Samuel 11:27

The life of David is so rich in demonstrating the frailty and weakness of human flesh. Just as I was journaling yesterday about our lives being as jars of clay, the life of David is an excellent picture showing 2 Corinthians 4:7 in action. David is so amazingly faithful and zealous for the glory of God and is earnest in his pursuit of seeking the face of Christ in all things. So it stands out when David fails to honor God with all of his heart and his weakness is exposed for us all to see. We learn a lot about faith through the life of David and there is a lot in this single chapter dealing with Bathsheba and Uriah. For me today, the focus is on God’s displeasure with David. How did David move from pleasing the Lord to displeasing and what is the lesson I can take to heart as I walk this same path as David on a daily basis.

There are three points I want to ponder and contemplate more deeply. First, David put himself in a situation where he was tempted. The chapter is clear that David should have been out at war with the men. He should not have been back in Jerusalem by himself so to speak. Sure there were people around, but he had left himself surrounded by people who would only support him in what he chose. There were no advisers and counsellors who would caution him about his choices and decisions. There were only people who enabled him in his temptation and thus helped carry him along the path to sin. He didn’t look away when he saw Bathsheba bathing. His people told him more about her, enflaming his passion, then went and brought the woman to him. She herself was then caught up in the temptation and together they brought the sin into fruition.

Second, David did not inquire of the Lord. In previous circumstances, David was quick to inquire of the Lord and seek his guidance. There is no mention of this. David does not at any point seek the Lord. Neither prior to the temptation when he decided to stay in Jerusalem, nor when he first tasted temptation by viewing her bathing, nor after the act when he should be seeking repentance. There appears to be no inclination on David’s part to inquire of God. He is content to make his own decision and be led by the desires of his flesh. Trusting in himself and his own knowledge.

Third, David compounded his sin by seeking to cover it up. Since he was refusing to acknowledge his sin and had deceived himself into believing this was something he could just cover over and it will go away, David brought pain and suffering into the lives of so many around him. Not only in the life of those he sinned against (Uriah, Bathsheba, the servants he involved), but also in the lives of the families of the men that died alongside Uriah in the battle. When David ordered Joab to put Uriah in the midst of the heated battle, he put the lives of the men with him in danger as well. So not only did Uriah die in that moment, but multiple untold lives were ended and the families of those men would feel the effects of this choice.

This is the sharp reality I forget every time I deceive myself into believing that this little sin is not going to hurt anyone. This little sin only affects me. This little sin is only in my mind. These are the lies I use to deceive myself. There is no little sin that stays locked away safe and secure in my own mind. These little sins compound and build upon themselves in my mind. It takes just a little more each time to get the same high of sin. The bar must be raised each time. These little sins affect my thinking and my character. They put dents in my armor. They begin to chip away at my defense. These little sins become tiny little monsters that are seeking to destroy me and everyone around me. This is the nature of sin. This is what I need to remember. A moment of secret passion brings a lifetime of pain and heartache, just like David learned.

Father… I too am in need of your gentle rebuke and revealing of my very own self-deception. I need you to uncover and remove the veil from my eyes so that I can truly see the heinousness of sin in my heart. It pains me to think about, but it is what I need. For it is only when I see the true monstrosity of sin affecting my heart, that I will be humbled. And I need to be humbled. I need to repent and come before you for forgiveness and healing. Lord Jesus, forgive me. Forgive me for seeking my own plans, desires, and pleasures. Forgive me for relying on my own strength to supply my every need. Forgive me for thinking I am in control and that I can shape the world around me to meet my own needs. Lord, come to me now. Wrap your loving arms around me and bring comfort and healing to this broken man. Wipe away my tears and let me rest safe and secure in the peace of who you are… my Savior and my God. 

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