Abounding & Sufficient

Journal Entry // August 11, 2022

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. (ESV)

2 Corinthians 9:8

There is a lot going on in this short verse found in a discussion about generosity and giving with thankfulness. The fullness of God is what Paul is reiterating and emphasizing so that we don’t miss the point. That point being that our God is the Lord Almighty and he is the giver of all good things. Look at the fullness Paul describes: ALL grace abound, ALL sufficiency, in ALL things, at ALL times, EVERY good work. This is not the way we often think about our current situation and the provisions that God has given us. We often grumble and complain and bemoan the circumstances and situations that we are in. We often look at other people and see how richly God has blessed them as opposed to our meagerness. We don’t really take this verse to heart and truly understand that God is able to make all grace abound to us. All grace. Not just a few drops, but an overwhelming flood of grace that will bring us to our knees in thanksgiving and praise.

So what’s the point of all this in my life? Is it not to abound in every good work? Then why do I focus so intently on other things? Why do I seek this abounding of grace in my life and equate it with material things or a happy, simple, easy life? This is surely the error of my ways. I lose sight that the goal is for me to abound in every good work, not to simply hoard the grace of God and bury it away simply for my personal gain. No, the grace of God abounding in my life is the means to which I can abound in every good work and share this amazing grace with everyone around me. I am freed up from the entanglements of the world and I can be an instrument of God in the lives of everyone he brings into my life. I can take this abounding grace and use it to minister good works to all people in all places at all times.

How do I move from my selfishness into this picture of abounding in every good work? It is a matter of understanding the power of God’s grace at work in my heart. Through the grace of God I have all sufficiency. There is nothing lacking in my life. God’s grace is my sufficiency and meets my every need. I may be lacking in material wealth, but I am rich in the grace of the Lord. His grace is sufficient for me not just in certain areas of my life, but in all things. All things. There is not a circumstance or a moment where the grace of God in my life is not sufficient. The struggle may be intense and challenging. I may feel as though it is more than I can handle. It may feel like my world is being ripped apart and exposed to the watching world. His grace is sufficient in all things. This sufficiency is not just momentary or just for this season of life. The abundant sufficient grace of God in my life is for all times. It is his grace that holds me and carries me through all of life. When the waters rise and threaten to drown me or the valley is a desert that parches my spirit, God’s grace is sufficient in all things at all times.

He is able to make… I need prayer. Lord God, I need you to make all grace abound in my life. Only you are able to make all grace abound in my life. I need this grace Lord. I need this abounding grace in my life. I need your all sufficient grace to cover me and encompass me. Father, let me see that you are all I ever need in this life. You are more than enough. You are my passion and desire. Continue to reveal yourself to me and draw me close. Let me cast off these worthless material endeavors and simply focus on being faithful in every good work. That my every action and thought would be a reflection of the abundant all sufficient grace that you give to me every second of every day.

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