Leave the Simple

Journal Entry // May 16, 2021

Leave your simple ways, and live, and walk in the way of insight.”

Proverbs 9:6 ESV

Living and walking in the way of insight is not a simple matter. Living life as a follower of Christ is complicated and difficult. A simple carefree life is one given over to slavery. The world, the flesh, and the devil are the master of the simple. But those who fear the Lord are walking and living in a complicated way.

I think the mistake I most often make is that I want and expect this life to be simple and easy knowing that I follow Christ. I expect his providence to line up everything for simplicity’s sake and all I need to do is sit back and relax while God does all the work. But this is quite the opposite. There is mutual cooperation in my life between the Lord and me.

Jesus calls me to leave the simplistic ideas of this world and swim in the deep waters of insight. To understand that I am engaged in a battle against an enemy that is relentless and determined to see me not just fail, but be utterly destroyed. The enemy would have me turn my back to the Lord. He would have me hide from the trials and adversity that the Lord brings into my life. He calls to me with a simplistic easy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I heed that call at times and I yearn for simplicity in this life. The battle is tiring. The battle is difficult. The battle is painful. I know this is the path that God is using to shape me. He is working to cleanse me of the sin that still taints my heart. The sin that still lies to me. Those deadly idols that still reside in my heart… that twist and turn within. Even these, the Lord is using to draw me closer to Jesus.

He gives me wisdom and insight each and every day. He never ever gives up on me. He lives within my heart and has made his home there. It’s not a casual occasional visit, but an ongoing residence. He desires intimacy with me. True deep intimacy. He knows me. He knows me so thoroughly. And he wants me to know him. He wants me to be intimate with him and see his character and love. To draw close. To rest in his love and care and mercy and grace. Forever.

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