The Strong Tower

Journal Entry // May 23, 2021

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

Proverbs 18:10 ESV

A safe and secure strong tower is the name of the Lord. When I read this description, my mind takes me back to the tower at Lyme Park in Manchester, England. Even though this was a simple tower not meant to defend or provide security, it gives me a good picture of what the writer is saying.

There is this tower in the middle of the open country set high on the hill. A tower that is made of stone and allows for weary travelers to find rest, warmth, and security in the midst of the harshness of the moor. Any traveler or wanderer would be able to see this tower from miles away as it is located on top of a hill and commands 360° views that extend for miles and miles.

I can imagine at the time it was built,  this tower providing two important roles.

  1. As I said earlier, it would be a beacon of hope to those people traveling and being exposed to the elements and harshness of nature. As a weary traveling sets his eyes on this tower from afar, he can feel his spirits rise at the hope that the tower provides.
  2. It also provides a source of protection and security for the people living in the house. This tower would be the initial warning lookout that was essential to providing safety. Because the tower was situated in such a manner on the hill, it could see an enemy approaching from far off distances. This would allow the people of the house to gather their defenses and prepare for the enemy at hand.

The name of the Lord is all of this and more for the believer. His word is our strong tower that provides rest to the weary, protection from the trials and adversity of this life, and stands guard overlooking our path pointing out troubles. We would do well to visit this tower often on our journey and spend time recovering. Gathering supplies and strength to set out once again on the path.

But I do not travel this path alone. Not only is the name of the Lord this strong tower of refuge, but Jesus is there with me along the path of my sojourn. Much like Aragorn leading the hobbits through the wilderness, I too have my friend leading me onward. He knows this path of mine in every way and will ensure my steps are true, if I will only humble myself to follow him. He knows the adversity I must walk through. He knows the weakness I must endure. He knows the hills and valleys along the way. And of course he knows exactly where these towers of refuge are most needed along my path.

Pride before a fall and humility before honor. The path of the Lord is one marked by humility. The Lord tests my heart with adversity and suffering. Refining my heart through fire and the crucible. This path is no different than the path that God’s own Son walked. His path was marked by pain and suffering. He endured immense adversity and temptation from the devil himself. His friends deserted him in his greatest need. Yet Jesus was faithful and true. He never once took his eyes off the Father. He never once gave into temptation. He always and only did those things that pleased the Father. Jesus knows and sympathizes with my walk for he too has walked this path.

The name of the Lord is my strong tower. He alone is my safe and secure refuge.

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