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Journal Entry // October 27, 2022

but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. (ESV)

Hebrews 1:2

The writer of Hebrews opens his letter by calling our attention to the importance of how God chooses to speak to us. In days past, he spoke to us through the prophets. Men who were appointed by God to bring truth and revelation as an appointed representative. Then in these final days, God has chosen to speak to us not with a representative, but through his one and only Son. This same Son that created the world and the universe. This perfect Son of God has come in these last days to bring the holy heart changing word of God to everyone.

When I think about God’s word, I don’t know that I really contemplate the true meaning of what the writer is telling me here. The prophets came and spoke the words of God that were assigned to them. Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, and Elisha all spoke at times under the direction of God and revealed the truth God. Yet, their revelation was hidden in a way or maybe a better way is to think that the words they brought were not complete and final. They were but messengers bringing news about the one who was to come. This one who was to come was the Son. God was using them to speak to us, but they were speaking about the Son. The Son who was to come would fulfill all the spoken word of God through these prophets.

So when the writer of Hebrews tells me that the Son of God has spoken in these last days, I can see the finality of the advent of Jesus. We are not anticipating another prophet or anyone else to bring another message from the Lord. Jesus is the final message. His words, his obedience, his suffering, his death, his resurrection… they are all the final spoken message from our great Creator. He fulfilled all the law and the prophets. He showed us the true meaning of them all. Jesus in the true final spoken word of God.

I will do well to always remember the supremacy of Christ in life and faith. There is no part of this Christian journey that does not center on Jesus. Everything is to be for Him and through Him alone. His word is the finality of God speaking to us. As such, the Bible must be the centerpiece of my life and faith. Reading what other faithful believers write, hearing what pastors and teachers share, and fellowshipping with faithful disciples are all important and have their place. They cannot replace a daily immersive saturation of my heart, mind, and soul in the Bible. My daily Bible meditation is what informs everything else. The word of God is what teaches and trains me in the way of Godliness. The Bible points me to Jesus. The Bible reveals the spoken word of God to me each and every time I read and meditate on it. The more I meditate on the passages and the more I let the word permeate my soul, then I will be changed. I will be changed to be more like Jesus every day. I learn, as Paul did, to be content in all situations and circumstances. I can do this because I am content and satisfied in Jesus – who never changes.

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