Meekness of Wisdom

Journal Entry // November 16, 2022

Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom. (ESV)

James 3:13

We all want wisdom. We all want and desire to be wise and have an understanding of the way of the world to make good and proper decisions. What most of us do not have is the meekness and humility of wisdom. We want wisdom because we see that it is necessary to attain the desires of our heart and for us to have power and glory in this world. We want wisdom to enhance our own selfish ambition, pride, and arrogance. James here is telling us that this is not the way of true wisdom that is found only in God. True wisdom does not puff up but brings low. The wisdom of Christ brings meekness and humility as it reveals the weakness and inability of our flesh to do any good. True wisdom from the Father enlightens our heart to our inability and our great need for a Savior, namely Jesus. This is wisdom.

Jesus tells me that I can and should ask the Father above for wisdom at all times. That the Father always answers a humble prayer for wisdom. The wisdom that God gives is a deep spiritual understanding of the darkness prevalent in my heart and the beautiful Savior who gave his life to redeem me. This wonderful and powerful wisdom leads me in humility to the cross of Christ and my daily need to humble myself before him and to follow him anew each and every morning.

This meek and humble wisdom is not just some intellectual thought that exists in my mind. This wisdom that James is talking about is both intellectual and behavioral. The wisdom of Christ informs my mind and changes my actions. How do I know that I have this godly wisdom from above? My good conduct and actions will be changed through this understanding. My mind will be changed and my actions will reflect this change. I will demonstrate the wisdom of Christ in my every word and deed. Wisdom will not be an intellectual exercise that exists only in theory. No, the wisdom of Christ will change my heart and mind and this change will be evident by my words and actions. How I treat my wife and kids, my co-workers, my fellow believers, my neighbors, my enemies, those that love God, and those that hate God will all reveal the true state of my heart and mind and demonstrate the wisdom that is alive within me.

So, I must be watchful of my words and my actions. I must let the truth of God’s word not just enter my mind but it must change my heart. I must take what I am reading and learning about Christ in his word and put it into practice. In wisdom, understanding that I am weak and frail as I rely on Christ for strength and purpose. I need to breathe in the words of Christ (bible reading and study, bible preaching and teaching) and I must breathe out the words of Christ (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). This must be done in tandem. This is the way of wisdom. Godly wisdom from my heavenly Father who loves and cares for me beyond measure and understanding.

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