Every Tear

Journal Entry // December 12, 2022

For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (ESV)

Revelation 7:17

There are three things I must remember from this passage. First, that I have a shepherd who is in the midst of the throne. Second, that my shepherd knows exactly where he is leading me. Third, that when I arrive at these springs of living water, my tears will be wiped away by God himself. There is so much comfort in this singular verse. So much to look forward to. This sojourn and journey of faith in this world will be filled with many wolves and predators seeking to devour this simple sheep, but the One who sits on the throne and reigns from on high is my shepherd. He is my protector. He is my redeemer.

This Lamb who was slain is now in the midst of the throne. He has taken his rightful spot in heaven. Yet, he is my shepherd. He is my leader and protector. My shepherd has not left me alone to fend for myself as I travel this path. My shepherd is right here alongside me. He is in the midst of my life. I may feel alone at times. I may feel overwhelmed at times. I may even fall into despair at times. Even during all of these moments of struggle and doubt, Jesus is with me and He is in control. This Lamb is sovereign over all. So I can simply place my trust in him alone. I trust in the one who is in the midst of the throne. The one who has conquered and overcome all of my enemies. This shepherd loves me.

Oftentimes this journey along the path of life seems to meander and twist and turn. My shepherd will lead me through the darkest valley and a waterless desert. He will bring me low and teach me humility. He will do all of these things for his good purpose. Leading and guiding me to those springs of living water. That life giving water that will wash away all my sin and cleanse me of all the filth that clings to me. This living water will quench my thirst for eternity. I will be renewed and refreshed. I will be at peace in the presence of Christ.

In his presence, God himself will wipe away my every tear. The worries and struggles of this world will pass away. The suffering and adversity will come to pass. As I drink deeply of these living waters, God will wipe away my tears of sorrow… my tears of pain… my tears of anguish… my tears of suffering… my tears of shame… my tears of guilt. They will all be wiped away by the gentle healing touch of my loving Father. I will weep no more.

This is the day I long for. This is the scene that needs to occupy my mind. The worries and stress of this world are only momentary. In this moment they feel oppressive and weighty. These burdens shout and threaten to break me, but they hold no real power over me. For these burdens are not mine to carry. Jesus offers me his burdens in their place and his burdens are easy and light. So lead me onward dear Jesus. Lead me down this path. Give me strength and courage in the struggle and strife. Keep my eyes focused on you at all times. Lead me onward my loving shepherd to that place of living water and healing. To that place where I will finally feel your embrace and have every tear wiped away.

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