Majesty Revealed

Journal Entry // December 30, 2022

By his power he stilled the sea; by his understanding he shattered Rahab. (ESV)

Job 26:12

In this passage of Job, he is responding to his friends by reminding them of the mystery and majesty of God’s ways. He takes several verses to go through multiple different examples of God’s power and majesty that everyone typically takes for granted or easily ignores as we walk through this world. The one part that stood out to me was where Job mentions that “by his power, he stilled the seas.” As I read this, I was immediately drawn to the life of Jesus and the recounting of him and his disciples being on the sea during a great and terrifying storm. This storm was so intense and concerning that these seasoned experienced fishermen feared for their lives and woke Jesus up from his sleep. Jesus calmly addressed the storm to bring calm and stillness to the seas. As Job correctly identifies, this stilling of the seas is an expression of his power. Christ demonstrates his divinity and power by calming the stormy sea and bringing peace and stillness.

I wonder how often I am more like the friends of Job in my understanding and counsel. I wonder how often I see the mystery and majesty of God’s ways being revealed to me and I ignore what is right before my eyes. The answer is that I probably miss God’s majesty being revealed more often than I recognize it. Even in the most simple things, I neglect to see the majesty of God. GK Chesterton talks about how a little child can be so enthralled by a simple act, like making a coin disappear with sleight of hand. The child laughs and giggles when the coin is shown to disappear and then reappear. The child is so full of wonder and amazement that all it can say is, “Do it again!” Each and every time the trick is repeated, the child asks to do it again. The child is continually amazed each and every time the trick is performed. This is the wonder and amazement that I need in my life. Not a wonder at something as simple and mundane as a magic trick, but wonder and amazement at the power of God being displayed before my very eyes. Every morning, the sun rises, “Do it again!” Every time the rainbow appears in the sky after a spring rain, “Do it again!” Every time I feel the presence of Christ stirring in my heart, “Do it again!”

I want to feel this continued amazement at the revealed glory and majesty of God in my life. I want to be amazed each and every time I see his power on display in this world and in my life. I don’t want to become numb to the routine and take for granted the seemingly simple things of life that demonstrate the power of God. This powerful God that can calm the raging sea is the same one who holds all of creation in place. He has not created everything and let it go running on its own volition. Our God is actively holding it all together and it is through his power and wisdom that it all still moves and works. He not only orders the steps of my life, but he orders the motion of even the most remote particle in the most distant part of the universe that no person will ever see. He has created wonder and beauty in worlds and planets that will never be seen by human eyes. His power is mysterious and majestic. This is my powerful God. The one who cares intimately for me. The one who loves me so much, that he will calm the raging storm around me each and every time I ask.

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