Concealed in the Heart

Journal Entry // January 2, 2022

if I have concealed my transgressions as others do by hiding my iniquity in my heart, (ESV)

Job 31:33

What do we do with our sins and transgressions against God’s holiness when we try to conceal them? Are we ever really truly able to conceal them? Job states that people try to conceal their sins by hiding them in their hearts. I don’t think I have ever truly thought about what happens when I am hiding, concealing, and covering up my sins. I haven’t put a lot of thought into the possibility that in an effort to hide my sins (both from God and from others), I am storing them in my heart. Where else would I be hiding them though? By storing all my “hidden” sins in my heart I have created a breeding ground for future sin and transgression. The Bible’s solution to this propensity is confession. Confession of my sin to both God and others. Confession of the hold that sin has on my heart and mind is the pathway back to freedom in Christ. The promise of Christ is to cleanse my heart of this “hidden” filthiness and restore the fellowship of the Spirit within me.

As I think more about this, it is quite disturbing. Jesus has not only cleansed my heart, but the promised Spirit of Christ has come to abide in my heart. My heart is united to Christ… and I bring the pollution of “hidden” sin straight to this holy abode. It is not lost on me that in my effort to hide and conceal my sin from God, I am actually bringing it into the very presence of the Spirit living in my heart.

The enemy does such an amazing job of convincing me that a little sin can be easily hidden. The enemy knows my weakness and frailties more so than I do I am afraid. This is why I need to be more devoted to confession. I need to be more readily in tune with my heart and the need to share my weakness and frailty with God. I need to confess to the Lord all of the deep pride and self-righteousness that drives me to sin. I need to not just brush it aside out of fear or guilt. Jesus has come to give me freedom through his sacrifice and forgiveness. There is always forgiveness and healing in him. Instead of concealing my transgressions and hiding them in my heart. I need to take my heart to the foot of the cross and humble myself before him. I need confession to keep my heart clean before the Lord and others. I need to be honest with myself and with God about not only the day-to-day easy-to-spot sins but the false affections and wrong attitudes that undergird those sins. Jesus loves me. He wants me to come to him and lay down my burdens. He wants me to take up his yoke and burden which is easy and light. He calls me to live a life of repentance and faith, trusting only in him for all things without fear but in humility.

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