The Lord’s Garden

Journal Entry // June 15, 2021

Let my beloved come to his garden, and eat its choicest fruits.

Song of Solomon 4:16 ESV

I am the garden of the Lord, and he is my beloved. My life can best be understood as a garden, I think. It gives me a proper perspective at least on my role. For it is the owner of the garden that tends the garden. He determines where each plant is located. He determines the amount of pruning necessary. He determines the amount of water and fertilizer given and at what times. He tends the soil for weeds and rocks. He determines all the decisions. The plant? Well, the plant just focuses on growing and developing, maturing, in the spot he has been planted.

The plant is solely focused on growing. Taking in the light of the sun. Soaking up the nutrients of the soil. Producing green leaves, flowers, and fruit. The plant takes what is given to him and uses it to blossom and flourish. To grow and develop into the plant he is designed to be.

And the Lord enjoys his garden. He tends to the care of his garden with love and patience and kindness. He is gentle. He is passionate. And his aim is for this garden to be pure and holy. A fragrant offering where he can come and enjoy its choicest fruit. Where we can fellowship together.

This is our relationship. The Lord walking among the garden of my life. Pruning as necessary. Binding when needed. Enjoying his garden always. In his presence is growth. In his presence all of this world fades away. His loving kindness. His tenderness. This is what I’m searching for. This is what I’m yearning for. And it’s here with me all along. He is with me. His Spirit lives in me. We are in union with one another.

The garden is only fulfilling its purpose when it is being savored and enjoyed by is owner. When the Gardner basks in the beauty of the garden and enjoys the produce of work and growth. I don’t have to have certain flowers or trees in my garden to please the Lord. No, he determines what is planted – when and where. He is well pleased with my garden regardless of size.

My life feels small at the moment. My contribution to the kingdom feels minimal and ineffective. My garden has been diminished from my perspective. But from the eyes of the Lord, I don’t think that is true. Maybe my garden was too large. Maybe in my aim to expand the garden I neglected parts. Disease set in. Invaders attacked. And the whole garden was at risk. So, the Lord removed all that was unnecessary. He walled off my garden and hemmed me in. Not to punish, but to save. And now in these protected walls I can once again focus on growth. I can focus on living life in his presence.

There are still dangers abounding. There are still pestilence and enemies that want to invade. It’s not all simple. But the Lord is tending my garden. He is still caring for each and every plant. He is still walking among his garden and enjoying the choicest fruit.

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