Strength in Meekness

Journal Entry // February 8, 2023

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (ESV)

Matthew 5:5

Who are the meek? This word always seems to come across as a character trait that is not truly something I would desire.  It sounds the complete opposite of what the world and the culture around me tell me I should pursue. Meekness in my mind is a timid, shy, passive, and cowardly person who lets anyone and everyone walk over them and treat them unfairly. Yet, this is not the picture that the Bible presents of the meek and this is where I typically go astray. I read this verse (and many others) and I think I understand what is being said, but I completely misunderstand or deviate from the truth due to my lack of understanding. As the ESV Study Bible says, “The meek are the gentle, those who do not assert themselves over others in order to further their own agendas in their own strength.” The reason I struggle with truly understanding and embracing this characteristic, this beatitude, is that meekness goes against my basic fleshly desire to assert myself and take control of life and every situation. As the saying goes that I hear spoken so often in various ways, “God helps those who help themselves.” This 10-word phrase of Jesus puts my self-centered, self-righteous, prideful attitude in check and points me back to humility and hope, trusting in Jesus to meet my every need.

 What does meekness in my life look like? It looks like humility in every situation. It looks like a person who is so confident in the love, grace, and mercy of the Father that he has no room to put confidence in his own flesh. My own striving and effort are but vain delusions without the Spirit working in and through me. Meekness in my life is about living the life of a servant bound to Jesus. It’s not wrong to have ambition and be successful in the various endeavors of work and life. It is good to work hard and grow the fruit of my labors. Yet, there is always this line of meekness there before me. Meekness asks me every day, “who are you trusting to provide?” It’s a good question to ask and it needs an open and honest answer.

Meekness requires a tremendous amount of strength and faith. A strength that comes from a deep understanding of my weakness and sin. A strength that knows the waywardness of my heart and the need for my Savior to rescue me and sustain me each and every moment. A strength that understands that apart from Jesus, I can do nothing. Not some things. Not a few minor things. No, Jesus tells me that apart from him I can do nothing. So, how do I do something? I look to Jesus and draw strength from him. I remember that I am a branch of the true vine and I simply need to draw strength through him alone. He is my all in all.

The meek understand and rest secure in the fact that Jesus has saved them and brought them into the kingdom of God. The meek rest in the love and grace of God alone. The meek don’t see a need to assert themselves to further their own agendas, because their true heavenly Father is the One who is sovereign over all things and will provide for his children as a perfect Father. I want to live a life of meekness. A life so completely trusting, hoping, waiting, and anticipating my Lord that there is no fear or anxiety. I want to be meek and watch the Lord work in and through me as I journey through this life. In meekness, I want to see my labor spent laying up treasures in heaven. In meekness, I want to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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