Hiding Light

Journal Entry // March 21, 2023

Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. (ESV)

Matthew 5:15

We are the light of the world. We are the lamp that has been lit for a purpose. That purpose is the same as that of any lamp. We are designed specifically to bring the light of the gospel of Jesus to a lost and broken dark world. We are to highlight and shine forth the wonderful good news of salvation and freedom found only in the work of Christ upon the cross. We put this on a stand so that this glorious truth may give its light to everyone around us. This light of the gospel will illuminate the hearts and minds of people. It will change and transform as only the power of Christ can. This light of the gospel is the work of Christ and we are the lamps of Christ, lit to display the light and take it to the farthest corner of every house in this world.

Knowing that I am a lamp that has been lit, I wonder how I may be putting myself under a basket. How am I hiding the gospel light shining through me? There are probably a hundred different ways that I may be putting my lamp under a basket in a variety of different situations but they all tend to revolve around my sinful desires of the flesh. At the moment, I think the predominant basket I place my lamp is the one called fear. A fear that is not based on what man will think but a fear based on the goodness of God. It is difficult to describe this basket in a lot of ways because I don’t know that I truly understand what I am afraid of.

I know that God is good and loving and kind and merciful and full of grace and mercy. I know without a doubt that he will provide for my every step along this path he has set before me. I think my fear comes from my inability to see the next step. My lack of being able to discern and understand where God is leading me. In the past, I felt more sure about the future steps and path I was heading toward. I was better able to see several steps ahead as I made plans for the future. Now… It seems as though I am walking in a dense fog with only a flashlight in hand. I can see just enough to keep moving forward. This lack of foresight produces anxiety, doubt, and fear for the future.

This is exactly what the Father is working on in my life. I am in this moment and time to learn obedience, trust, contentment, and patience. What I am slowly learning is that even when I can see miles and miles ahead on this sojourn through life, my focus and attention need to be on the next step along the path. Whether I can see or not is irrelevant to the journey. My Father sees and is carefully and faithfully ordaining my every step. As I walk in faith and trust in Jesus alone, I need only see my next step. This brings freedom.

Freedom to walk the path and be a lamp to the world around me. Free from my worry and anxiety, I can let the light of Christ shine free and unhindered in my life. This light will engage and impact everyone around me but first, it will engage and impact me! This very light gives light to everyone in the house including me as well. I need the light of the gospel every moment of every day to shine in my heart. I need Jesus just as much today as yesterday. I need Jesus just as much as my neighbor. Lord Jesus, set this lamp on your table and shine your light of salvation on everyone in the house.

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