Reflecting on The Parables of Jesus

This is a series of writings offering chapter reflections on the book, “The Parables of Jesus” by James Montgomery Boice. Each post focuses on one chapter and conveys my personal observations and thoughts about the topic Boice presented in each chapter with the aim of interacting and engaging on a personal level.

Chapter 1 // The Seed and the Soil

Chapter 2 // The Work of the Enemy

Chapter 3 // People of the Kingdom

Chapter 4 // God’s Kingdom Consummated

Chapter 5 // A Lost Sheep, A Lost Coin, A Lost Son

Chapter 6 // Workers in the Vineyard

Chapter 7 // Come to the Banquet

Chapter 8 // The Narrow Door of Salvation

Chapter 9 // The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Chapter 10 // Five Foolish Women and Their Friends

Chapter 11 // The Rich Fool

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