Great Faith

Journal Entry // January 25, 2022

Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly.

Matthew 15:28 ESV

In contrast to Peter being told that his faith was little, Jesus here praises a Canaanite woman for her great faith. A woman who sought Jesus, cried out to him continually, was ignored, was being sent away, was reminded that she was a foreigner, and was compared to a dog. What was her response? Humility. Pointing out that even the dog eats the crumbs from its master’s table and that the Lord is compassionate and merciful to all people.

This is a difficult passage in a lot of ways because it is easy to read into this out of context and see a harshness with how Jesus communicated with this woman. His words and his demeanor seem dismissive and antagonistic. He seems out of character.

“He did not answer her a word.” – This feels familiar in my life. I can cry out to the Lord at times and I feel as though there is a wall of distance between me and the Lord. I feel like my cries are simply being sent out into the wind and carried away without being heard. When this happens, I just quit. Yet this woman kept crying out. She kept crying out to Jesus so persistently and so loudly that everyone around her was annoyed. The disciples begged Jesus to send her away. But she kept crying out to him for compassion and mercy upon her daughter.

This woman had a tremendous fight and perseverance about her. She knew Jesus was the source of healing and she wasn’t going to stop until Jesus responded. Sounds a lot like Jacob wrestling with the angel and not giving up until he received the blessing. This is great faith.

I need this in my life. I need her persistence. I need her humbleness. I need that desire to see Jesus act in my life and know without a doubt that the only source of answer is from Jesus alone. Whether I feel like I am talking to a wall or if everyone around me is fed up with my crying, I want this great faith. This faith grounded in the compassion and mercy of the Holy One. A faith that only knows one answer, Jesus.

Lord, speak into my heart and encourage me this day. I falter in my steps so easily. I get discouraged when I look inward and desire what the world offers me. My faith is weak. Focus my eyes on you alone and humble me. I need to continue to learn humility. Your hand feels heavy upon me at the moment. I will not keep silent before you regarding my sin. As I confess, forgive me. As I repent, cleanse me. Draw me near to your heart. Embrace me with your love and mercy and grace. Open my eyes to your gentle heart. In humility I come before you. Consistently and persistently and intentionally seeking you and you alone. For you are my great and merciful Savior.

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