Impossible to Possible

Journal Entry // January 31, 2022

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26 ESV

“All things are possible.” My little faih struggles with the truth of this statement. I want to believe and trust that all things are possible with God. Actually, I realize I am reading this statement wrong. I read “all things are possible” and my mind translates this to be “God will give you all things”. This is not what Jesus was saying. Can God make the impossible possible? Of course. God is sovereign and reigns over all creation. All things are absolutely possible for God. But not all things will be done as I wish them to be.

Even with my faith as small as a mustard seed, God would move a mountain into the sea. So why do I struggle with this thought? Why does it seem all together impossible for God to move in my life as I expect or want? The answer is that I simply don’t have faith even as miniscule as a mustard seed. I ask because I want to satisy my selfish desires. My self-righteousness leads me most of the time.

I need humility to grow in my heart. I am yearning and striving for the things of this world and wrapping it all up in a thin veil of godliness. I tell myself I am wanting holiness to grow in my heart, but sin is right there alongside. My every step along this path is tainted with the ugly stain of sin rising from the inner chambers of my heart. It’s depressing…

Sin wants to drag me down into the depths of the shadow away from the light of the gospel of Jesus. Jesus calls me to come unhindered into the light of his mercy and glory and grace. This is the impossible. This is where God makes all things possible. All my sin and shame and guilt has been laid on Christ at the cross. He has paid the full penalty due for my sin and in place of my sin, he has given me the righteousness of Christ. Impossible made possible.

When the Father looks upon me, he sees the beauty of Christ’s righteousness. He loves me. he cares for me. He does the impossible for me. In humbleness I can come before his presence. I can bring all my cares and worries before him. He is the God of the impossible. Christ dwells in me and with me. He walks with me. He is in relationship with me. He knows me intimately. He desires to be intimate with me all the time. He stands at the door of my heart and knocks. He wants to come in and fellowship with me. This is the impossible made possible. The living Word dwells within me and loves me. This is everything I will ever need. This whole world can just fade away in the knowledge of his presence. Praise the Lord. Amen.

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