Flourishing Plants

Journal Entry // March 27, 2021

They are planted in the house of the LORD; they flourish in the courts of our God.

Psalm 92:13 ESV

I think I am identifying with these plant analogies because I have been working in our garden the last couple of weeks. The more I really think on this picture the more I am amazed at the glorious truth of the gospel working in my life. I am sitting at my table looking out the window over my recently planted garden and there are a few thoughts that spring into mind.

1. “They are planted” – We are planted in the ground by someone other than ourselves. Planting ourselves is not an option. The only way we can become planted into the ground is by the Gardener. He is the one who looks among all of the plants, chooses one, and then plants him in his garden. In this case, the Lord chose me specifically among all the others. He didn’t just happen upon me and decide to plant me on a whim. No, he chose me specifically and with purpose. There was intentional purpose to God’s choosing of me and planting me.

2. “In the house of the Lord” – Where do I plant these special chosen ones? Of course I plant them at my house in the garden. I do this to watch over them and care for them. I want to ensure that they receive the right amount of sun, water, and nourishment. I want to help them establish and root properly. Even more, I do this to enjoy their beauty as they grow and thrive in my garden. So too God not only chooses us specifically and with a purpose, but he plants us in a specific location in his house and courts. That place may be in a sheltered spot that doesn’t see the intense heat of the sun or it may be in a more desolate location with the heat of the sun bearing down each and every day. Whatever the case, God has taken special care to choose that location. He provides the necessary means for his plant to grow and thrive in his garden.

3. “They flourish” – This is just a matter of fact. The plants in the house of God flourish in his courts. If we are planted in God’s house and he does so with purpose and care, then we can do nothing but flourish. He brings to our lives all that we need to flourish – water, nutrients, sun. But he also does the care that hurts – pruning, weeding. Caring for a plant is tricky and requires attention. God providers not only attention, but perfect care for his chosen ones.

I think at times that I forget that I have been planted in the house of God and that he is tending to me as is necessary for my growth and development. I grow envious of the other plants and their location and display in the garden. I resent the harshness of pruning and weeding in my life. I get upset with the heat of the sun or the flood of rain. But God alone knows what is best required for my continued growth and development. He alone knows what I need flourish. And because I have been planted in his courts, I will flourish.

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