Increase Our Faith

Journal Entry // March 29, 2021

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”

Luke 17:5 ESV

This is the root issue with the every day struggle with sin. It is about faith. About my lack of faith in the goodness of God. There is a general lack of really truly believing all that I am reading in God’s word each and every day. Sure, I have been more diligent and more consistent with my daily reflections. Spending time meditating on God’s perfect word and working hard to apply it to my life. I think so highly of myself at times and think that I have made some progress in my walk with the Lord.

But here we have the disciples asking Jesus to increase their faith. These twelve men walked and talked with Jesus throughout the day, every day. These men spent significantly more intimate time with Jesus on a daily basis than I could even imagine. Yet, these men asked to have their faith increased.

I need this attitude in my life. I need more and more humility. Just when I think that I have reached my limit of humility. When I am positive that I have learned my lesson and I am ready for engaging with the world again. The Lord shows me that my lessons are not complete and that humility needs to be an ever present facet of my life moving forward. It is not a one and done lesson. It is an ongoing life changing, heart shaping, mind altering struggle. A struggle to have the faith to ask that tree to move and believe it will. To know it will by God’s perfect wisdom. And all it requires is faith the size of a mustard seed… And I don’t even have that yet.

It all seems so impossible still. But I know my God is steadfast and I trust him. Lord give me patience and perseverance. Give me persistent intentionality as I seek you each and every moment of my life.

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