Dry Water

Journal Entry // February 23, 2022

And the people of Israel went into the midst of the sea on dry ground, the waters being a wall to them on their right hand and on their left.

Exodus 14:22 ESV

This is such a beautiful and terrifying picture of God’s work of salvation for his people. A beautiful picture of the miraculous hand of God doing utterly amazing and unbelievable acts. I picture myself in the crowd of Israelites (about a million of them) with our enemy coming up from behind and this sea of water before us. I would be terrified and confused and probably complaining along with everyone else thinking that this was the end of the story. The story of failed deliverance.

I think that today as well. I know that through Christ’s death on the cross God has already delivered on his redemption. I mean that I tend to doubt in the little things of life. Little things that feel like big things to me. How many times has the Lord brought me to a place in life where I have no choice but to trust in the Lord to provide escape? A lot to be honest. It seems that I am regularly presented with situations that set me in a position where I am seemingly stuck. A place where there is no option to “do this on my own.” Rather, I must be silent and watch the Lord provide.

And when he provides… His provision is often just like this story, both beautiful and terrifying. What a glorious scene that must have been to approach the Red Sea and see these towing walls of water creating a path through to the other shore. Not just a simple path, but one wide enough to allow a million people to cross rather quickly. All on dry ground. This is the amazing part to me. All the water was pulled up into those walls, even the water from the bottom of the sea. The path was not muddy and dangerous. No, it was dry.

The terrifying part is that the people had to put their faith and trust into action through obedience. The people had to look at the tremendous walls of water towing above them, then step out in faith upon this new dry pathway. Surely there has to be a sense of fear in the middle of the sea to realize that there is no escape if these walls of water break apart. This was an act of faith and obedience. Humble trust in the Lord’s path of provision.

This is my need every morning, noon, and evening. God doesn’t always make his path so terrifying, but his path always requires humility, faith, trust, and obedience. The path is oftentimes a bit scary. It is oftentimes intimidating. Yet, the path is designed specifically for my good and well being. My spiritual well being. For this journey through life is a spiritual one. I want to make it all about the physical comforts of the world, but in reality it is the care of my soul that is most important. My relationship with Jesus is primary. Me heavenly Father is everything. He will provide for me at the right time with the right answer. I need only to trust and obey.

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